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Two Distinct Perspectives on the Vancouver Special

Here is another great lecture presented by Vancouver Heritage Foundation:

'Special' Insight: Two distinct perspectives on the Vancouver Special

This event will feature two very different speakers to tell us what a Vancouver Special is and how they fit in with Vancouver’s past and future.

First we’ll hear from building technologist and Special owner, Guido Wimmers, who helped introduce the European Passive House standard to Canada. Wimmers will explore how passive energy technology can be adapted to Specials, using his own home as a dramatic case study in improving energy performance.

We’ll then hear from Architect Joe Wai about the “Strathcona Story.” After the successful grass roots battle to stop the proposed freeway through Strathcona Joe Wai’s distinctive housing style, helped rebuild affordable housing and with it, restore a community. Both talks followed by Q&A.

Wednesday, April 16th

7:30pm - 9pm

Unitarian Church

949 W 49th Ave

Tickets $12

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